Gabrielle Aplin, 28/1/16 | The Albert Hall, Manchester: Review


Doors opened at 7pm for this packed event- the venue was pretty much full by the time the second support act came on.

First support act- Hannah Grace:

Hannah Grace, part of Gabrielle’s band, has actually been singing solo for several years now and her incredibly strong vocals give her a jazz/soul feel. Warming up the crowd well with her sweet yet slightly shy and awkward presence, Hannah’s vocal performance with the instrumental accompaniment of Tadhg was flawless.


Second support act- Lewis Watson:

Known for also duetting with Gabrielle, Lewis Watson’s youthful, soft male voice contrasted well with that of Hannah’s. The crowd warmed to him extremely well- many fans of Gabrielle Aplin have clearly heard many of the songs off Lewis’ 2014 album, ‘the morning’.


Gabrielle’s set

I was really impressed with how many songs of her second album Gabrielle sang. Having seen her live in November 2013, I was worried that there would be a lot of repetition, but beautiful renditions of Shallow Love and What Did You Do, followed by a David Bowie cover, did not disappoint. The band accompanied tracks were especially impressive.


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