Radiohead | A Moon Shaped Pool | Review

Reminiscent of Paranoid Android and In Rainbows, Radiohead’s most recent album is a beautiful blend of electronic and acoustic orchestral rock. It requires a few listens and definitely stands best as a slow-burning entire album.

Top tracks:

Desert Island Disk- Beautifully acoustic with delicate turns in the guitar riff. The line ‘different types of love’ seems to capture the essence of the album. 

Present Tense- The Latin vibe in this track sets it apart from the rest. The lyrics are more prominent and many fans will welcome the return of acoustic intricacy. 

The Numbers- The repeated haunting guitar chords in this track make it addictive. Probably the best struck as a stand alone. 




Featuring a culmination of very old Radiohead songs, technique and minor chord progressions Radiohead have developed over the years, this album up certainly has a wow factor. 

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