The Ruby Sessions:: 30/8/16

The Ruby Sessions | Gig Review

Niall Cash

As an opening act, Niall set the tone for the evening perfectly, with simple and acoustic songs, joined by an accompanying female vocalist. Some songs showed promise if imagined with a full band.


Erica-Cody’s solo voice was undoubtedly the strongest vocally of all musicians at this particular Ruby Sessions. Her set featured many older songs and finished with one new song, although all lyrics seemed quite basic. Erica-Cody showed definite potential as a jazz/ soul singer completing modulations and variations in dynamics with ease.

Frankenstein Bolts

This duo was definitely the most unexpected act of the evening. Looking humble and simplistic, the harmonies and beautiful lyrics were a treasure to hear. These two stunned the audience into absolute silence. I would highly recommend their album ‘Slow Season’, produced to sound very much similar to their live performance.

State Lights

Another surprising act, the State Lights displayed a full band for a full-sounding final act. Dramatic rock describes best their genre, as the lead singer showed off his strong performance skills. Certainly a contrast to the previous more folk-orientated act, and definitely the best act to finish with to uplift the audience.

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