Amber Run | For a Moment I was Lost | Review

Inspired by Nikki’s review <; I decided to write a few words on Amber Run’s most recent album.

Feeling close to Amber Run because of personal reasons (okay, the Nottingham connection), I was eagerly anticipating this album, and it hasn’t failed to disappoint. Personally, I cannot wait to see their performance at Barn on the Farm this Summer.

Image result for for a moment i was lost amber run

Stand out tracks, for me, include Fickle Game, Dark Bloom and Machine. 

Fickle Game is lyrically stunning, yet simple, with a haunting chord progression, similar to that found in Machine. A stronger rhythm is indeed found in No Answers but the evocative use of arpeggios in Machine is simply beautiful. Speaking of simplicity, Haze is probably the most stripped back yet synthesized track, placing focus on lyrics such as “scared of getting older, scared of dying alone”. The album on a whole is very raw in its acknowledgement of risk and fear, musically and literally in its lyricism.

The opening and closing tracks to the album are also perfectly framing, making it a must-have for the vinyl collection.

Amber Run’s poignant use of electric guitar mixed with occasionally intense bass and drums, giving them a classic rock vibe mixed with “indie” singer-songwriter roots.

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