Fionn Regan- The Meetings of the Waters | Album Review | Track by Track

Regan’s new album, out April 2017, blends sounds off his older records with new studio experimentation. As a whole, a beautiful album, but best listened to as a record in its entirety.


The Meetings of the Waters- The opening track and the first single off the album, this track is accompanied by a beautiful music video featuring Cillian Murphy. “The Meetings of the Waters” beautifully describes a relationship and a place (in Regan’s own County Wicklow)

Cormorant Bird- The minor arpeggios perpetuated by the guitar in this second single open the track as a somber one, and cyclical in its melodies and lyrics such as “I will always run to you”. The added instruments and bass in the chorus lifts it up into a mesmeric ballad, similar yet more melancholic to the the previous track- a track symbolic of solitude.

Turn the Skies of Blue On-Cape of Diamonds- The use of melody and soft guitar is reminiscent of Newton Faulkner, coupled with the “cute” refrain. Yet, the delicate lyrics and the imagery of Spring actually elevate this into a complex and beautiful song.

Cape of Diamonds- Again, this track is uncharacteristic in its rock-like opening. The use of drums and electric guitar are both modern yet haunting, perpetuated in the lyrics “think I’m haunted by you, lover”

Book of the Moon- The opening note of this is Stornoway-esque, yet the discordant minor lyrics are surprisingly stirring. The entire track is quite gothic and unsettling. All in all, a strange experimentation.

Babushka-Yai Ya– This track is perhaps the most surprising of the entire album. The use of additional synth and panning make this track an interesting pop and rock experiment.

Ai- A beautiful one minute euphoric interlude

Wall of Silver- Lying somewhere in between the folkloric tradition of Regan and this new dabbling in rock, “Wall of Silver” couples haunting lyrics of potential love with guitar finger-picking and synthy background chords.

Euphoria- Some Regan fans will have heard this song in the YouTube video of Regan singing with the Staves. This song begins gently and results in painful yet beautiful lyrics and chord progressions screaming their craving for affection. Probably the strongest song on the album, emotionally, yet very subtle musically.

Up into the Rafters- This penultimate tracks features an interesting and uncharacteristic use of synthy bass and pop-like snares. The lyrics are also more fitting of the pop genre rather than Regan’s usual poetic folk lines.

Tsuneni Ai- What is there to say other than an odd yet transcendent 12 minute ending to the album.



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