The Wombats – Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life | Review



“There’s still life in these Liverpudlian marsupials” (Thomas Smith, NME)


Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 14.52.02.png


The Wombats are back… with possibly their best album to date.

The album opens with what is a personal favourite of mine: “Cheetah Tongue”. This song features Tame Impala-esque surrealist lyrics, coupled with Strokes-like rock drum, bass and fingers clicks. The change of pace for the bridge truly ramps up the rock nature of the chorus, and sets the tone of the album as one of homage to indie-rock but also one of experimentation, with regards to psychedelic sounds.

“Turn” is an extremely accessible song for anybody interested in the independent British rock genre – using recognisable tropes of a developing beat, a reckless love song narrative, and intertextuality mentioning “listening to Drake at your best friend’s pool”. “White Eyes” is a similar modern song about infatuation, and uses a combination of modern overtones in the backing track, and classic rock guitar riffs, plus a fantastic build up to the final chorus.

Songs like “Dip You In Honey” give off not only a youthful and cheeky tone, but feature a discordant electric guitar very reminiscent of The Beatles. “I Only Wear Black” adds another tone of rock to the album and develops this kind of of off- tone quirky and somewhat solemn form of rock. This song is one you’ll hear in a dark but fantastically friendly dive bar in the near future.


Record Label: Kobalt Music Recordings

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