oh sleep – try to rest | EP Review


Florian Sczensny (releasing music under “oh sleep” since 2017) has created a new EP, to be self-released on 12/10/18, entitled “try to rest”. This breakthrough artist utilises dulcet acoustic tones reminiscent of “flatsound”, lofi production paired with skillful mastering, and acoustic/ indie vibes, sounding rough around the edges, but successfully raw and emotional.

The new EP features four tracks, the first of which is entitled “why did you have to leave us behind”. The track develops into ethereal and emotional layers. The echoing vocals remind us of echoing memories, and resemble that of an early Ben Howard’s sorrowful realism. The acoustic guitar loop that the track opens with is very much in the style of Mitch Welling (flatsound)’s early EPs.

The following track, “numbers”  is accompanied by an existential but colourful music video. The layering of the sound tracks mimics the struggle between technology and humanity depicted in the song, and the internal struggle between night and day. The anonymity described in the haunting lyrics is not comforting but one that evokes fear. We don’t know whether “lean towards the light” encourages us to return to the safety of our technological devices, or if we must search onward for answers.

The eponymous track “try to rest” is ambient and again derives from the experience of existence. This heavenly acoustic tone is continued in the final song on the EP, “mm/dd/yyyy”, which also represents a return to the opening track with the consistency of the guitar chord progression, and the building dynamics.

This EP pays homage to lofi indie, acoustic and punk artists of the early 2010s but also looks toward something fresh and exciting about the incorporation of raw emotional lyrics into a well-mastered, sorrowful, and cyclical collection of songs.


See more of oh sleep on social media, to keep updated with the release of “try to rest”:

www.patreon.com/ohsleep www.soundcloud.com/ohsleep

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Business Inquiries: franceswilde@hotmail.co.uk

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