Ghost Motel – Hush| review

Ghost Motel are a dark indie band formed by Patrick Huven. Their debut single, “Hush” was released on 23/11/18 through a record label that Huven himself established, entitled Wolfwater Records.

Lyrics “help me I feel so broken” are reminiscent of 00’s American punk. The music video reflects this, showing the band’s dark, earthy performance, with flashes of purples and reds. There is a stark contrast in the music video between interior and exterior, as reflected in the lyrics, “a shadow beneath my skin”.

The synth in “Hush” is what makes it original. The track crosses the boundaries of punk and indie rock, creating a ghostly but gritty sound, reflected in the dream-like aesthetic of the accompanying music video.

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Maria Kelly & All The Luck In The World | Róisín Dubh | 14/11/18 | Review

Maria Kelly 

Maria Kelly’s set was beautifully eerie whilst gaining the attention and support of the intimate crowd in the Róisín. Kelly’s song “Dark Places” provided a somber opening to the set, the haunting music video for which can be found here:

Dark Places goes hand in hand with Kelly’s song “Small Talk”, a revealing melody based on the struggles of social anxiety. To conclude the humble set, Kelly performed “June”, “July”, and “August” from her upcoming EP, Notes to Self. The EP was written following Kelly’s move to Berlin, and is a reflection on change, alienation, and movement. June’s “I lay on my back, I stare at the ceiling” establishes the tone of vulnerability and uncertainty present through all three songs, and the progression of finding oneself was performed beautifully in this set.

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