Ghost Motel – The Long Night | Review

Ghost Motel’s second single has been released this week, “The Long Night”. You may remember the band’s debut single “Hush” – an affecting and and dark debut from the German band.

In “The Long Night”, Ghost Motel delve further into the darker aspect of their music.

The music video opens with imagery of nature that glitches and becomes distorted – footage of thistles and thorns with a purple hue – much like the distortion of the mind in the questioning of purpose. Released on Halloween, the video is appropriately spooky. However, its unsettling tone is based in human experience.

Both the single and the accompanying video (by Simon von der Gathen, Büro für Gestaltung) draw on the tension within both nature and humanity.

Glitchy visuals and lyrics focused on dissociation and a lack of connection are almost threatening. Lyrics like “no-one leave this town” demand the viewer sits with the discomfort of emotion that arises in the song.

“Who’s the one to blame/ When the world is falling apart again”

Lyrics in the refrain focus on a lack of belonging, and a sense of shame, and a blur of confusion. This is emphasised in footage of shadows running seemingly aimlessly.

Female vocals by Alina Von Der Gathen add a dream-like aspect, softening the darker, punk tone of the song, but making the aura somehow eerier.

The song itself is a little long, particularly around the Middle-8. But this is not a conventional rock song – this is a dark composition that looks inward on humanity, what belonging means, and mental health. Ghost Motel do so, though, without glamourising that sense of feeling lost, rather exploring it with discordant piano and a blend of vocals.

This band is one to watch, whether they pursue the darker, lyrical side of rock, or drum-driven compositions.

“The. Long Night” was recorded at Wolfwater Studios in Kamp Lintforter, NRW. Produced by Patrick Huven. Mixed by Beray Habip at Tresorfabrik, Duisburg. Mastered by Alex Kloos. Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synths and Programming: Patrick Huven. Additional Vocals: Alina von der Gathen. Music and Lyrics by Patrick Huven © ℗ 2018 Wolfwater Records

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